Using Inspire! Each Day To Achieve Great Results

Blog Author: Jeff M., Inspire! User

Inspire! is a great planning application that contains helpful features for optimizing my personal and professional productivity. It allows me to identify and create goals, roles, and values that align with who I am and where I want to go. For a more personalized, interactive experience, it also lets me add my own music, pictures, and motivational quotes to help inspire, remind, and challenge me to achieve my goals.

I have used Inspire! for some time, and continue to do so with great results. By keeping me organized and focused—and helping me prioritize my daily and weekly tasks—it helps me jump unexpected hurdles, remove roadblocks, and succeed at achieving those goals that are truly important to me. One of the things I do to help optimize my chances of success is resisting the temptation to enter EVERYTHING I need to complete each day, which only creates one giant checklist. Instead, I like to keep it focused and uncluttered by entering only those items that are key milestones for making real progress. This way, when I complete a task or objective in Inspire!, I know it’s meaningful and is getting me closer to my goal.

I have been an active Inspire! user for a while and can say that good weekly and daily planning goes a long way in helping me successfully complete my goals, and in a timely manner. By making Inspire! part of my daily routine, it keeps me focused on my most important goals – and helps me achieve them with great results.