Busy Vs Productive: Using Inspire! To Focus On The Big Rocks

Blog Author: Kimberly C., Inspire! User

We all have those days that pass like a whirlwind. It seems like you can’t get a free moment to catch your breath. You might even skip lunch or forget to eat altogether. At the end of the day, you feel like you ran a marathon. The question is: while it seems you filled your day with a million tasks, were you focused on the right ones? Were you truly productive…or did you just manage to stay “busy”?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the flurry of “to-dos” we lose sight of the difference. To be clear, getting a lot of things done means you’re busy, while getting the right things done means you’re being productive. But amid the daily chaos, how can you tell the difference? Sorting out the important tasks (aka “big rocks”) from your busy tasks is the key to producing real results versus simply wearing yourself out.

A single day can seem full when breaks, email, phone interruptions and unforeseen distractions are factored in. These activities can zap precious time and energy, and actually push you further away from achieving your goals. Ultimately, focus is what allows us to complete what’s most important—and Inspire! has helped me do just that.

Each morning I set aside time so can I plan, prepare, and assess the day ahead—without the distraction of email. It is during this time that I update my master task list within Inspire! to capture all actions/tasks and prioritize them. Inspire! also simplifies the ability for me to plan my “big rocks”, and create tasks associated with them. I decide who and what is important, then schedule time for it each week. This allows me to effectively reflect, re-prioritize and focus on what’s most important and strike the right balance between being “busy” and getting things done.

Together—setting priorities, remaining flexible and reflecting at the end of the day—can help us achieve that all-important balance, while helping us stay focused on our goals and objectives. In the end, it’s a magical combination that moves us closer to our goals much faster than you ever thought possible.