Imagine what would have happened if Oprah Winfrey remained in a part-time position at WVOL AM 1470 in Nashville, TN, or if she hadn’t set a personal goal of becoming a co-anchor at WATZ news in Baltimore, MD, or if she never pursued an opportunity to co-host “People Are Talking”— daytime TV show that had a higher Baltimore audience than the nationally syndicated “Phil Donahue Show”. Had she stopped there, she may never have had the opportunity to create one of the most widely watched programs on TV.


Oprah 1976-Opening the door to her career               

Oprah didn’t stop there either. She continued to set even higher goals for herself, including the purchase of Harpo Productions in 1988 which allowed her to expand her empire to every medium available. With her continued success she has given back through many charitiable contributions and, in September 2012, she was ultimately named the #1 Richest Black Woman in the world.

Oprah 2012-Where will she go next?

Oprah Whinfrey set goals for herself and her career, and stayed committed to them. This is why she achieved them. At this time of year nearly any Website you follow will likely have an article on goal setting. This is because goals provide the single most powerful direction there is. They provide purpose, they engergize people and—with the start of a new year—they help people focus on opportunities that a new beginning offers.

So how do you set and achieve goals? Although most people agree on the importance of goal setting, often they don’t take the time needed to clearly develop them or write them down. The Inspire! productivity app lets you write your goals down in a specific location, then helps you create a manageable weekly plan for executing on them. Every intention starts with a SMART goal, and the need to write them down to help ensure that you’ll achieve them. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you plan your New Year goals:

  • Remember to keep your goal specific
  • Know what good performance on your goal should look like
  • Have purpose and meaning by tying your goal to a Mission and/or Vision
  • Align your goal with your role and responsibilities
  • Keep your goal realistic
  • Define goal milestones or measures to keep your compelling vision alive throughout the journey
  • Give your goal an end date, and know when each milestone is due

 More than anything, a goal should truly reflect what you want as an end result, and not just as an action item on your to-do list. Remember, all good performance—and success—begins with clear goals.