It is said that we are the sum total of all the roles we play in life. An interesting thought, and perhaps even an unavoidable truth. Knowing this, it makes sense that—every now and again—we should give conscious thought to each of the many roles we play every day and understand, with clarity, why each one makes a difference.

The Inspire! productivity app provides an ideal opportunity to think about, identify and evaluate the many roles you take on every day—some of which you may not be consciously aware of. More importantly, it can help provide keen insight into some roles that, perhaps, are not getting the attention they deserve. Intuitive and simple to use, the Inspire! app helps you see that every time you succeed at improving some area of your life—whether it’s achieving greater focus, increased productivity or better health—everybody benefits. You gain a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you are a step closer to the ideal self you know you are capable of being, while those around you—friends, family, sons, daughters, moms and dads—are given a unique opportunity to see an exciting part of you that they can aspire to.


Where do I start?

Like anything in your life, where you choose to apply your attention will likely result in some improvement or positive outcome. That’s the end goal. So you begin by first identifying the roles you already play, then determining which ones need your attention—and a little TLC.

You’re probably already thinking of the myriad of roles in your life right now: student, friend, parent, grandparent, son, daughter, teacher, mentor, writer, musician…the list goes on, doesn’t it. And when you think about it, at times you don’t always choose the roles you play—they can choose you, leaving the responsibility to decide just how engaged, responsible and passionate you want to be with each.


I have so many roles…how do I decide which ones to focus on?

It’s probably not a good idea to choose ALL the roles in your life as those you want to improve, at least not all at once. Chances are you’re having great success in many areas of your life. Chances are just as likely that every now and again, a role or two falls off your radar. Here are a few questions to help you get a better sense of the one, two or three personal or professional roles you wish to identify and improve upon:

1.     Are you the kind of friend, partner, parent, student or [fill in the blank] you’d want to be?

2.     Do your roles truly reflect your values and life priorities?

3.     In any given role, are you truly present and mindful?

4.     How different would your life be if you were passionately engaged in any given role?

5.     If an area of your life has been in a “funk”, was it really someone else’s fault or did you simply lose sight of the truly important?

As you answer these questions, pay attention to your gut reaction—and trust your instincts. You’ll no doubt get a much clearer sense of the role or roles that perhaps need your immediate attention.


Why are roles important, and why do I need them?

Roles matter because they are a projection of your personal energy, passion, time and hard work. Roles are a convenient way to categorize the many responsibilities you have in life. But more than that, they are uniquely yours; therefore, taking ownership is key to your success. Think about it, there is no one parent quite like you. Not everyone has the same skills, talents, experience and abilities  as you. Quite simply, there is no one like you; therefore, each role you perform is as unique and important as you.

By putting a name—and assigning your personal values and goals—to each role, it can help you realize that perhaps when you feel like “everything is falling apart around you”, well, it’s probably not really everything. But instead, you discover that it’s a certain aspect of one of your roles that is crying out for attention and balance.


Bring your goals to life

Inspire! can be easily and quickly customized to enhance your goal setting experience, allowing you to choose the music, images and inspiring quotes you want to make your experience more dynamic and meaningful. Images and sound have been proven to significantly enhance and support your daily objectives, helping you stay motivated and on track to success.

And remember, developing and improving upon your life roles is a continuous process, something that you naturally get better at over time. Using your Inspire! productivity app, you can start now by taking a closer look at your roles, and making a conscious choice to gain greater insight into your day-to-day life—and the impact you make on others.