No, it isn’t a new dessert offered by Innova-Mobile—but you are welcome to get yourself a scoop of ice cream to go along with this short read on creating Modes in Inspire! Modes are one of those features that, if you don’t know they exist, you’d miss out on their unique capabilities. Modes are a way of customizing the rotation of content through the Inspire! home screen. You can choose specific Roles, Values and Quotes, along with showing Goals and Objectives. Additionally, you can include your favorite Playlists and Photo Albums from your device.


The main purpose of modes is to provide Inspire! users an interactive way to focus on what is most important by associating audio and visuals with textual content. To this end, you can create a very personalized experience that keeps you motivated—and reminds you of why you strive for excellence every day. Let’s get started.


To begin creating your own modes, open the Inspire! app on your iPad and navigate to the Inspire! home screen. From the home screen, you will notice a brown “leather” tab near the upper right quadrant of the screen. If the tab is not already expanded, you can tap anywhere on it to expand. You will notice one or more modes listed with icons and text beneath each icon. You will also see a black icon with a white arrow beneath the mode icons. Tap this icon to open the mode editor.


With the mode editor open, you will notice a column on the left with the title, “Modes.” Choose the plus (+) icon next to the title. You will be prompted with a modal dialog to name the new mode. After naming the mode and closing the dialog, you will be in the mode editor and must select the mode from the list on the left to edit it.


Once you select your new mode, the editor will display its details. At this point, you can scroll the list of mode details and choose the item within each category that gives you the personalized Inspire! experience you prefer. If you want this new mode to be the current mode, be sure to toggle the “Default Mode” to “On” before completing your work. After you have completed making your selections, be sure to save your changes by tapping the “Close” icon at the top right of the mode editor.


Now that you have created a new mode and saved your changes, you should be back at the Inspire! home screen viewing the selections you have made. If you forgot to set your new mode as the current mode, you can still do it from the home screen. Just be sure that the brown leather mode tab is expanded, then tap the mode you want to switch to. That’s it. You can now tailor the rotation of content through Inspire! to create a personalized, motivating experience to put your most important goals right in front of you.




Author- Noah DiCenso