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Chris Wollerman is CEO of InnovaSystems International LLC, a software development company based in San Diego, California.

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Roles: Leveraging Inspire! to Prioritize the Truly Important

clock February 12, 2013 14:36 by author Administrator
  The pale LED light from the alarm clock pierces the Sunday night darkness like a searchlight. A slight ringing in the ears seems to be getting just a bit louder as your mind processes the endless array of action items arriving in the morning along with the start of a new week. You should be sound asleep at this point, but for some reason your mind is still evaluating options even though you keep asking it to stop. Meetings, appointments, collaboration sessions, classroom sessions, homework, chores, dinner dates, and working lunch sessions are all wildly churning in your thoughts. You seek solace in the cool side of your pillow, to no avail. This is going to be a tough week… This scene is played out all too often as the complexity of our lives ebb and flow in seemingly random cycles. By the time we arrive at work for the first day of the week, our schedules are already beginning to fill in, often without our direct engagement. It’s often hard to sort the wheat from... [More]

How to tie in Inspire! Tasks to Calendar Events, Calendar Tasks and Reminders

clock February 8, 2013 07:21 by author Administrator
Inspire! is a powerful tool to help you prioritize putting first things first in your weekly planning. If you’ve done your planning right, you should already have one or more Roles and/or Goals entered into Inspire!, and have at least one or more objectives (items you entered in the planning screen) created from your Roles/Goals. When you create an Objective, you will see that you have the ability to create tasks under it. These tasks can then be linked to events on the Calendar from your provider of choice (any Calendar you choose to sync with your device is available in Inspire!). Here’s how to properly sync to your Calendar:   1.     Navigate to Planning 2.     Tap on the calendar icon to switch to the scheduling view 3.     Scroll to a task that you want to schedule in the right-hand pane 4.     Scroll the calendar in the left-hand pane so that you can see the time slot where yo... [More]

Accountability: the Key to Developing New Habits

clock January 28, 2013 12:58 by author Administrator
Developing new habits can be tough—and often times just as hard as breaking bad habits. So what does establishing new habits have to do with accountability partners? More than you think. By our very nature, human beings are creatures of habits. In fact, we have formed so many habits over the years that we don’t even believe they are habits. In order to manage your time effectively and be more productive, you need to form some new habits. But be aware: Forming a new habit is not easy, and most people fail within the first 10 days. How can you help ensure your success? I should say that I don’t claim to have this stuff down, as I certainly have my own struggles. However, I am learning and improving more every day. Here are a few things that are working for me:   1.     Focus As ambitious goal-setters, we sometimes try to take on the world. Studies show, however, that if you choose just 1 to 3 items to focus on, your chances of achieving su... [More]

Goal Planning for Success

clock January 18, 2013 06:34 by author Administrator
Imagine what would have happened if Oprah Winfrey remained in a part-time position at WVOL AM 1470 in Nashville, TN, or if she hadn’t set a personal goal of becoming a co-anchor at WATZ news in Baltimore, MD, or if she never pursued an opportunity to co-host “People Are Talking”— daytime TV show that had a higher Baltimore audience than the nationally syndicated “Phil Donahue Show”. Had she stopped there, she may never have had the opportunity to create one of the most widely watched programs on TV.     Oprah 1976-Opening the door to her career                Oprah didn’t stop there either. She continued to set even higher goals for herself, including the purchase of Harpo Productions in 1988 which allowed her to expand her empire to every medium available. With her continued success she has given back through many charitiable contributions and, in Sep... [More]

Understanding Your Life Roles, And Making Each One Matter

clock January 11, 2013 08:43 by author Administrator
It is said that we are the sum total of all the roles we play in life. An interesting thought, and perhaps even an unavoidable truth. Knowing this, it makes sense that—every now and again—we should give conscious thought to each of the many roles we play every day and understand, with clarity, why each one makes a difference. The Inspire! productivity app provides an ideal opportunity to think about, identify and evaluate the many roles you take on every day—some of which you may not be consciously aware of. More importantly, it can help provide keen insight into some roles that, perhaps, are not getting the attention they deserve. Intuitive and simple to use, the Inspire! app helps you see that every time you succeed at improving some area of your life—whether it’s achieving greater focus, increased productivity or better health—everybody benefits. You gain a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you are a step closer to the ideal self you know y... [More]

The Inspire! Story, From 1.0 to 2.0

clock January 4, 2013 09:00 by author Administrator
InnovaSystems’ first iPad app, Inspire!, has enjoyed great success since its premier launch in early 2012, and is already undergoing a major version upgrade to 2.0. The new version, which is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013, will feature an all-new companion Web version, data synchronization in the cloud, task/reminders integration, daily planning and a new navigation approach, among other top requested user enhancements. Inspire! was originally designed as a planning app to help InnovaSystems employees plan their weeks according to top priorities—in their work and day-to-day life—and serve as a tool to help improve communications with supervisors in one-on-one meetings using the weekly reporting feature. Acting on an ‘Executive Challenge' from Ken Blanchard to graduates of the Master of Science in Executive Leadership (MSEL) program, we decided to incorporate the philosophy of Blanchard's Situational Leadership II along with the principles t... [More]

Inspire! a la mode

clock December 11, 2012 09:03 by author Administrator
  No, it isn’t a new dessert offered by Innova-Mobile—but you are welcome to get yourself a scoop of ice cream to go along with this short read on creating Modes in Inspire! Modes are one of those features that, if you don’t know they exist, you’d miss out on their unique capabilities. Modes are a way of customizing the rotation of content through the Inspire! home screen. You can choose specific Roles, Values and Quotes, along with showing Goals and Objectives. Additionally, you can include your favorite Playlists and Photo Albums from your device.   The main purpose of modes is to provide Inspire! users an interactive way to focus on what is most important by associating audio and visuals with textual content. To this end, you can create a very personalized experience that keeps you motivated—and reminds you of why you strive for excellence every day. Let’s get started.   To begin creating your own modes, open the Inspire! app o... [More]

Tasks, Reminders and Events – Oh My!

clock December 4, 2012 07:29 by author Administrator
Inspire! is designed as a tool to help keep you focused on accomplishing those things that are most important to you.  This begins by defining the roles and goals you have identified as important.   The next step is to take 30 minutes each week to do a weekly plan by creating objectives for the week that will help you accomplish your goals or fulfill your roles.  Not all goals and roles must be worked on every week but they can be.  Once you have identified objectives (think of these as sub goals you can accomplish in a week) the final step in the planning process is to create Inspire! tasks.  Inspire! tasks are actionable steps that you will do to complete the objectives you defined.  Inspire! tasks may be associated with calendar events.  In version 1.5 we are also providing a way for users to also associate Inspire! tasks with calendar reminders and calendar tasks in addition to the existing calendar event association.   I’ve foun... [More]

The Importance of Accountability Partners

clock November 21, 2012 07:27 by author Administrator
“The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch.” –Michael Armstrong The difference between ordinary and extraordinary in reality is just that little bit extra. It’s pushing yourself just a little bit further than you did last week on your run. It’s staying the course when it would be much easier to exit. It’s making tough choices to ensure you are living in alignment with your values. How do we do it? How do we push ourselves that little bit extra? It’s by living in community. When we live in community we create accountability for the goals and values that we define as most important to us. Inspire! has done this for me by creating a cadence where I review weekly what my values are and what goals are most important to me. Then I review my objectives and ... [More]