Blog Author: Chris Wollerman, CEO of InnovaSystems International, LLC. How much time do you spend managing email each day? Would you like some of your life back by spending less time with email so you can do more—starting today? If you’re like most busy professionals, you likely spend more time with your inbox than you would like to, or should. Fortunately, there are a variety of recommended time management techniques for filtering, filing, flagging, sorting, setting rules, and more to help you gain control of your email inbox. While they offer valuable tips, I use three techniques beyond these that prove to make the most significant impact—and cut my time spent on email by at least 50 percent every day. 1.     Use the Inspire! 2.0 Today feature to capture emails that can’t be acted on immediately 2.     Send less and receive less. Minimize large ‘cc’ lists and reply-to-all chains 3.    ... [More]