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Chris Wollerman is CEO of InnovaSystems International LLC, a software development company based in San Diego, California.

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Roles: Leveraging Inspire! to Prioritize the Truly Important

clock February 12, 2013 14:36 by author Administrator
  The pale LED light from the alarm clock pierces the Sunday night darkness like a searchlight. A slight ringing in the ears seems to be getting just a bit louder as your mind processes the endless array of action items arriving in the morning along with the start of a new week. You should be sound asleep at this point, but for some reason your mind is still evaluating options even though you keep asking it to stop. Meetings, appointments, collaboration sessions, classroom sessions, homework, chores, dinner dates, and working lunch sessions are all wildly churning in your thoughts. You seek solace in the cool side of your pillow, to no avail. This is going to be a tough week… This scene is played out all too often as the complexity of our lives ebb and flow in seemingly random cycles. By the time we arrive at work for the first day of the week, our schedules are already beginning to fill in, often without our direct engagement. It’s often hard to sort the wheat from... [More]

How to tie in Inspire! Tasks to Calendar Events, Calendar Tasks and Reminders

clock February 8, 2013 07:21 by author Administrator
Inspire! is a powerful tool to help you prioritize putting first things first in your weekly planning. If you’ve done your planning right, you should already have one or more Roles and/or Goals entered into Inspire!, and have at least one or more objectives (items you entered in the planning screen) created from your Roles/Goals. When you create an Objective, you will see that you have the ability to create tasks under it. These tasks can then be linked to events on the Calendar from your provider of choice (any Calendar you choose to sync with your device is available in Inspire!). Here’s how to properly sync to your Calendar:   1.     Navigate to Planning 2.     Tap on the calendar icon to switch to the scheduling view 3.     Scroll to a task that you want to schedule in the right-hand pane 4.     Scroll the calendar in the left-hand pane so that you can see the time slot where yo... [More]