Last week, we wrapped up our first 4-week Inspire! class at Joan MacQueen Middle School and awarded 4 teenagers with iPads.  We were ecstatic to see that the Inspire! app and concepts from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens could easily be learned, used and applied by teenagers.  The most satisfying part was reading the kids' summary letters and realizing that in the short time we spent teaching them our app and simple concepts, many lives changed for the better.   Here are just a few of the comments provided by the 30 kids:   "This course is going to change my life forever. One thing I am going to do different after this class is I am going to start planning on a calendar every day. This will help me be more organized and prepared. "   "Who knows, maybe this could change the world someday; how we act around others, treat ourselves, and make an impact on the world."   "The inspire app was AMAZING!  I learned so much from it. I learned... [More]