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Chris Wollerman is CEO of InnovaSystems International LLC, a software development company based in San Diego, California.

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Quick tip on organized weekly planning - rename goals to sort on current goal priorities

clock April 23, 2012 04:26 by author Chris Wollerman
We are currenly working on a few enhancements to clean-up and help users with the weekly planning process.  Currently, the tile pane for selecting goals/roles to create objectives is sorted alphabetically which is fine if you just have a few goals and roles.  However, now that many users have completed their goals from last quarter, the number of goals in the app is getting larger and the completed goals should not be available to plan against in the weekly planning view.  This will be fixed in the next update along with a new sorting scheme that will utilize the priority field that you can set in the 'Edit Goal' function. For now, an easy way to assure your top goals and roles are always at the top of your list for planning is to simply rename the goal with an identifier before the name such as G1) G2), etc. for goals and R1), R2), etc. for roles.  When you do this, the weekly planning process is much simpler because you pick your priorities from th... [More]

How to use Inspire! to improve relationships – Part 2: My Great Dad

clock April 7, 2012 08:02 by author Chris Wollerman
How to use Inspire! to improve relationships – Part 2: My Great Dad In my last blog, I wrote about using Inspire! to help me strive to be a great dad.  Using the app has also helped me appreciate and improve my relationship with my own great dad who recently passed away a few months ago. Last June while attending Steve Job’s final keynote speech during WWDC in San Francisco, I called my dad and tried to explain my excitement for mobile technology and the Inspire! app we were building.  It turned into another one of those “what is it you do again?” conversations.  It was easy for my dad to explain his job to people as a stone and brick mason:  “I take these stones, use this hammer and chisel, and create this fireplace.”  Explaining what a CEO for a defense technology company does is not so easy.  He never owned a computer and had a hard time understanding the concept of a smart phone or an iPad.  He had just turned... [More]

How to use Inspire! to improve relationships – Part 1: Teenagers!

clock April 6, 2012 05:47 by author Chris Wollerman
How to use Inspire! to improve relationships – Part 1: Teenagers! I’d like to share a few personal stories with you this Easter weekend to give you some ideas on how Inspire! can help you improve some of your relationships.  It’s great to see how the app has helped people achieve professional and personal goals but what’s even more powerful is the way it’s changed people’s lives by improving relationships.  I’m sure there are a few doubters out there who don’t believe an iPad app can make such a big difference but when you combine the philosophy and process behind it, I’ve seen it really work for myself and many others.  To cut to the chase, here are the basics: 1.       Define the value and priority of your relationship in the Values section.  In my case, I clarified that my family is #1 and I will consistently do things to improve our family relationship 2.   &n... [More]

The best way to achieve your goals using Inspire!

clock April 3, 2012 06:10 by author Chris Wollerman
Accountability is the key.  Over the past several months, I've seen a much higher rate of success of quarterly goal achievement than I ever have during our company's 15 year history.   I believe the primary contributor of this success is using Inspire! with an accountability partner.   The planning function in Inspire! includes a weekly planning report which can be emailed to anyone.  The way we train and distribute the Inspire! App to employees at Innova is to have them pair up with an accountability partner in the class, compare notes as they develop and track their values, roles and goals; bounce ideas off each other and commit to weekly 1-1 accountability meetings for 5 consecutive weeks.  Employees send their Inspire! Weekly Planning Report to their accountability partner, their supervisor and the class facilitator.  This report not only shows the planned activities for the upcoming week but also indicates the success percentage of the previous... [More]